Miracle at Bali

It was a beautiful and speechless sunset on Christmas Eve, 24th Dec 2014.
A gentle man smiled at me tenderly and encouraged me step forward for sunset shots.
My seat in the lounge was about 10 steps behind him. He drank his beer slowly but didn't take any photos. I couldn't help to take a photo from my seat. I would like to send him but not sure if it's too abrupt.
I thought it was just another solo trip before he came to me.
I got a huge courage and showed him my photo which he was a part of the picture, then asked his email for sending that photo. He said he didn't take any device with him on his vacation. So we just had a short chatting before he left the lounge.

The reason I stayed at the hotel one night just because I didn't want to stay alone on Christmas Eve. I would like to feel some cheerful atmosphere. I told him I would move to a villa on the second day.

The morning of Christmas I saw him having his breakfast alone. A "Hi" with a smile between each other. I didn't dare to share his table so just found another table for myself. Suddenly he came to me and asked if I knew where was my villa situated. Then coming a short chatting and asked me the night out for dinner.
"Why not?" came from my inner voice."He seems a good man."  "It's good to have a companion on Christmas."
So I accepted the invitation even we didn't exchange our name each other.

Everything seems alright and easy to stay with him, and everything goes so fast and feels so right. Which he said " We never knew it" I called that as "FATE". How could we make sure and tell " It's him" or "It's her" in the crowds. And what a good luck and gift we had found each other!

It was never easy to manage a distance relationship. He just showed me his firm wills and comfort me" we will figure out".

"Let's see where it will go?"  He said......